Andrea facilitates results! She considers the development of her own successful business, in its first year, to be her strongest testament to her expertise in helping others create success in work and life. She accomplished this while making time for family, friends, hobbies and for herself (especially sleep)!

And by the way… she works less than 40 hours a week!

Having completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology a year ahead of schedule, she has learned the power of committing to goals. Andrea then went on to get a Masters degree, start her career in family counseling, and soon after began doing life and business success coaching.

When Andrea speaks to groups she enlightens the participants on how to achieve every goal they are willing to truly commit themselves to. She teaches us how to propel ourselves through life by continuously setting meaningful goals for ourselves and for our professional lives. Throughout her years of professional experience she has enhanced the goal achievement ability and communication efficacy of over 1000 people.

Andrea excels at getting results for herself and for others. In her coaching she is direct, honest, and persistent, while showing compassion and a willingness to go above and beyond for her clients. At a young age she embodied tenacity, confidence, and a willingness to grow and risk. Eventually she found she could develop these traits in others if they were willing to do the work.

When someone said to her, “I just did what I thought you would do and it worked!”, she realized she had the gift of helping people in a unique way.

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