Happy Marriages Book Cover

Happy Marriages Book Cover
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About the Author

“Everyone deserves a loving long term relationship with a partner who cherishes and adores the person they are.”

Andrea Bishop, LCSW is a Success Coach, family therapist, professional speaker and author. She has a private practice in Asheville, North Carolina and for over 18 years has been working with couples and families to help them create healthier, more fulfilling relationships. She has found most people do not have healthy models of a successful couple’s relationship to build a template for their own. “How do you learn skills you have not seen implemented by others or been actively taught?”

As a Success Coach she has worked with a wide range of individuals over many years, helping them achieve success in their business and personal lives. “Success Coaching is highly effective for individuals who have a clear sense of responsibility and accountability for their lives and are willing to take action to reach their dreams.”

Andrea provides professional speaking services, presenting topics such as her very own blueprint for success – The ABC Success System, as well as Top Tips for Extreme Productivity and Top Stress-Busting Tips. She has presented these topics to a variety of organizations such as the Asheville Optimists, Young Professionals of Asheville, the Asheville chapter of the American Business Women’s Association and Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College’s Professional Development Department.

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What you will find in this book is insight. Insight into what makes relationships successful. You will find a variety of things that have worked for a variety of couples,
as well as common themes to apply to your own relationship.This book is about what works, whether you are single seeking a partner, just starting out in a new relationship,
or have been in one for a long time.

Happy Marriages – 7 Secrets of Couples Who Found and Kept Long Term Love, is organized into 13 chapters of individual interviews with couples engaged in happy marriages.
The book concludes with a summary chapter that lays out seven common points discovered throughout the interviews.

How Do People Stay Happily Married?

You will discover:

  • Secrets happy couples use to survive hard times.
  • Keys to each couples’ success in communication and connection.
  • Seven common themes of what couples feel worked for them.
  • What they think all couples need to know to stay happy.

This book will allow you to cut time and heartache out of your own relationship building process.
You can reduce time in therapy or coaching by starting with a template of what you want
in your own relationship, based on what you learn from each story shared.

“There are a lot of great books out there about saving a marriage. Here is one about creating and keeping a marriage that truly is long and loving, from people who have done it.
What are you waiting for?”

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John and Barbara share one of the “agreements”

that keeps their marriage strong.

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